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John Doe

TaeSung Song

He is the founder of FINEYE company and the current CEO. Like his company name, he always tries not to forget his first attempt to do business with warm eyes and heart. he always tries to find a good way for everyone to do business.

Creative Mentor
Joshua Insanus

ChangYong Kim

He is the CEO of the cosmetics brand "ANDCOS". ANDCOS continues to develop and produce diverse and unique cosmetics products, and in this respect, we continues to cooperate, share various ideas and visions. He is always free to think and romantic.

Creative Mentor
Jane Helf

HeungSoo Park

He is the CEO of the cosmetics brand "PRIVIA". We are working together on a good business and a good life of us. He's doing a lot of help to get in the better direction for FINEYE. He is soft, comfortable and charismatic.

Creative Mentor
John Doe

HyunSoo Kim

He is the CEO of cosmetics company COSCORE. He is very knowledgeable and understanding of the way cosmetics look. And has various approaches and ideas about the growth of brands and companies. He is also a strong supporter of FINEYE.

Creative Mentor
Joshua Insanus

GunGirl Lee

He is an outstanding distributor in the Chinese market. As a Chinese, he has a wise understanding of Korean cosmetics. And he is a good partner who always cares about FINEYE's future business vision. He is energetic and always witty.

Creative Mentor
Jane Helf

MiAe Kim

She is the CEO of MiAE Esthetic Beauty. She is an outstanding expert in the esthetic field with long of experience. She always counsels unique interpretations and marketing points on various Korean cosmetics products handled by FINEYE.

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